Words of Wisdom and Strength from 25 Father Figures — Reframing the Narrative of Men in the House

“If a book had a great story, great lesson, but no brown or black faces, we would take a color pencil and color it. We want our children to see themselves in these amazing stories."

Yaw is an international composer in Chicago and Ghana. When asked about what’s precious to him and how he shows it in his actions, this is what he told us. We are touched by his sensitivity to protect, guide and inspire his children. 

This Father’s Day, Dinobi decided to do something special by interviewing 25 father figures. We came into the interview with a determination to reframe the narrative of men in the house, and we came out of the interview with so much more — words of wisdom that help us find strength and kindness in these difficult times. 

In these interviews, we see men who assume an active role in the house — men that do their own laundry and offer amazing laundry tips, men that spend hours perfecting their cooking skills and presenting the kids with their favorite meals, men that are present and engaging, and men that ensure the wellness and growth of not only their children, but also the community. We see these men lead by example. We see these men teach us how to be strong, but also saying hey, it’s okay to be vulnerable. 

 Here is a sneak peak at 13 powerful days of interviews on Instagram @dinobi_detergent. Prepare to be inspired and pleasantly surprised.

 Dinobi means precious, and dads are DINOBI! This Father’s Day, maybe YOU should do some laundry for HIM. 

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