Precious Skin Meets Precious Ingredients

Dinóbi combines the essence of laundry and skincare, offering toxin-free products made from plants and crafted with care.

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What does Dinóbi mean?

Dinóbi a West African word that celebrates our families immigrant story. Dinóbi translates into the word "precious". At Dinóbi, we believe the Earth, and everyone in it is precious. Our products protect your family’s precious skin and our precious world.

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  • Plant based icon

    Plant based

    Our entire collection of detergents and soaps is plant based, including scents.

  • Integrity

    We use premium ingredients for skin and clothes; certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

  • Dioxane Free

    Our laundry detergent is dioxane-free, ensuring a safer and healthier option for you and our waterways.

  • Effective

    Our eco-friendly detergent is tough on stains and gentle on skin.