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Why Dinóbi?

dinóbi = precious

Dinóbi means precious (in igbo) | See what customers think!

I am a fan of the product! It does a kickass job of cleaning everything from intimates to athletic gear. It's beyond impressive that a small business is able to execute a subscription model with no hiccups. This is one less thing for me to think about. Two bottles arrive just in time."

Ashley E., Chicago, IL

"My son has super sensitive skin. He’s excited about having a detergent that works, and I’m excited about teaching him to wash his own clothes. It’s a win win!"

Rashad T., Chicago, IL

"I ordered Dinobi because both me and my animals were suffering from allergens here in Houston. Not only has my skin felt so much better, but my clothes and bedding is somehow... dare I say, cleaner?  This product is GOLD. My only regret is not trying it sooner."

Kristin S, Houston, TX

Sensitive & gentle!

Tough on stains!

Baby approved!