Spending some (more!) time with your precious ones!

Okay. So we know you’ve probably had a bit too much of spending time with family since quarantine began. You are not alone. 




However, not all time spent together is quality time. And between work, chores, and taking care of family, sometimes we forget to tell our family members how much we appreciate them. This Memorial Day, why not remember the valor of our heroes and appreciate the people precious to you by spending the 3-day weekend with your family? Dinobi has always valued quality family time and here are some fun activities to make meaningful memories as a family!


1. Stream family-friendly workouts

Do you feel like your children have too much energy? Why not use them in a fun and healthy way? Choose your preferred family-friendly workout on Youtube, whether it be Yoga for kids or family cardio exercise, and live a healthier lifestyle together as a family! 


2. Play freeze-dance to everyone’s favorite music

A little music can always brighten our days. Have a music sharing session among your family members and show each other your dance moves! Take turns saying “freeze” during the music and test your reflexes! What’s more fun than dancing to your favorite music and playing with your children at the same time?


3. Make some art together!

Drawing is always an enjoyable experience, no matter for adults or children. Play an interactive drawing game with your family! Have one person draw the head of a person and another draw the upper body, while a third person draws the lower body. Piece them together and see what happens! 

Art doesn’t have to be a picture, it can also be a story or a movie! Write a story with your family, each person narrating a small part and passing it on to another. You’ll never know what’s going to happen in the end! Or make a movie with the family and have different people take on different roles, either as the director, script-writer, or actor/actress!


4. Keep the house tidy with the cleanup game: who can clean their room within the shortest time? 

Have a headache from trying to get your kids to clean up their rooms? Make it a competition! Assign each family member a part of the house and see who can clean up the fastest! Teach your kid how to be responsible while having fun at the same time! If it helps, set up rewards for the winner, like a favorite meal or a favorite movie!


5. Teach your children how to do laundry!!! <3

The most important thing to do this Memorial Day weekend is to teach your children how to do laundry!! Dinobi supports this mission by applying a multi-user friendly, 100% plant-based formula that is perfect for the sensitive skin of your beloved children! 

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