Roots vs Fruits - Are you Overwhelmed or Really Growing?

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Each morning I try to take time to give myself a moment to meditate, grab that hot cup o' joe before all the kids (and the hubs) wakes up. I try to do this so I don't become overwhelmed by the running list of "things to do." Most people can identify that most mornings are filled with daily tasks and honestly - things that fell through the cracks :-\  It could be laundry ;-), those dishes that you didn't feel like washing after dinner, work items, or just making sure you put in some daily exercise. The next day reminds you that you forgot something. COVID-19 has forced us all to stop and slow down (even when we didn't want to) and pay attention to those things we may have swept to the side. As an entrepreneur, COVID-19 has forced most of us to reckon with the fact that well, not everything is in our control.  Frankly, it sucks **shrugs**.

About a year ago, I had the nerve to plant Crepe Myrtle trees.  They take FOREVER to grow, but I grew up with them in the South, and when they bloom they are absolutely beautiful. They can grow in colder climates like the Mid West, but this past winter there was a deep freeze. Not to mention my children broke the planted branches (and tried to stick them back into the ground like nothing happened, **side eye**). One particular morning a few weeks ago when I was rushing the baby to daycare (while handling the girls at the same time), my youngest daughter pointed out that the tree was growing! I thought it was a weed all this time to be honest. After having its branches ripped out by playful children, being stepped on, deep freezes and erroneous weed wacking, my Crepe Myrtles are growing like nothing happened! At that very moment, a light bulb went off! My trees were growing even though I couldn't SEE them. I thought they were gone because of all the trials and tribulations those poor things had been through LOL - but they were ROOTED. 

As you set out to become an entrepreneur you believe that the floodgates will open once your idea is tried and true because you SEE commercials of other people you may know, you SEE the signals of "success". Not so, at least in my experience. Entrepreneurship is much like that Crepe Myrtle tree - a hidden process that takes - well, a while to show its fruits. When the outside elements become out of my control, I get back to my roots. When I get behind on that laundry, I forgive myself for getting behind and start a load. I have to get back to the root of things and remember that growth happens underground, not above. What do you do to remind yourself that you are rooted? 

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