Rewarding yourself because you are precious!

Giving you the best time for yourself


 What is it that gets you through work every day? Through traffic jams, crowded trains, and long queues at the grocery store. Is it the thought of your children waiting for you at home? Or the idea of a hot bath, a warm meal, and some nice tea...

Life has ups and downs. Often we need a comforting thought to get us through the times when we are not feeling our best. During these times of quarantine, this becomes increasingly difficult as we are always confined in the same space. When your home becomes a workplace and your two lives are clashing against each other, crying for your attention, what becomes neglected is your feeling

How am I feeling today? Stop to ask yourself this question when you wake up and before going to bed. Taking the time to meditate, even just for a couple of minutes, can provide you  with a sense of peace and quiet, which can drastically improve your mental state. There are so many people we want to take care of every day - our parents, our children, our pets… We want to make them feel okay because they are so precious to us, but we shouldn’t neglect ourselves

Learning to reward yourself thus becomes something important. Last month, I  got so tired of staying either in bed or in front of my desk the whole day. Even with huge windows through which I can see the sun, its touches do not extend into my bedroom and I was left feeling gloomy for quite some time. I decided to buy myself a piano to give me something to look forward to, to continue something I loved doing so much before. It was a big investment, but the days after I submitted the order, I found myself smiling as I thought about the piano that was to come. Having something to look forward to can change your life, whether it’s a favorite scent from the new perfume you ordered which makes you look forward to getting dressed every day, or perhaps a favorite detergent that makes you excited about doing laundry...

As life becomes more monotonous, giving yourself presents and rewarding yourself makes a huge difference. Learn to treat yourself with care because you are precious and you deserve the best. Dinobi understands this, as we incorporate 100% plant based ingredients which treat your sensitive skin with utmost care. We hope you do too!

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