It's Men's Health Month. Take Care!

June is Men’s Health Month and there is much to discuss! I’ve been married for 11 years now 🥳, and I’ve found that men’s health often goes unchecked, including with my own husband. Cleveland Clinic says that about 60% of men do not go to the doctor unless they are gravely ill.   Men’s health typically goes unchecked for a couple reasons: 

  1. They feel healthy and don’t feel the need to go to the doctor.  Avoiding “bad news”.  Unfortunately, heart disease and prostate cancer are two of the biggest killers of men, especially African American men, who are more likely to develop prostate cancer (1 in 4 to be exact).  
  2. Unknowingly exposed to irritating ingredients. 
  3. Societal norms. Yep, you read that right. Society teaches our menfolk that they don’t need to go to complain about or address health. 

Taking care of men’s health is essential! We took the liberty to ask those that identify as men that we knew this very question: WHY don’t men take time to go to the doctor?  What we came up with is this: Men are  spending time preoccupied with being a “provider/earner” because of gender “norms”, and many have been told to “toughen up” when growing up. Self care then seems overly sensitive and a sacrificing of masculinity.  We believe that the solution has to become as easy for men as  Dinobi is to use.  Men doing laundry (those that are single, helping out around the house, helping a sick mate etc), should strongly consider using a non-irritating, multi-use product such as Dinobi.   

Although we knew that women are statistically the higher consumer of cleaning products, we created it for ALL, including men.  Using a non toxic laundry detergent made for sensitive skin can reduce the amount of irritants one is exposed to.  We also found that laundry detergent irritants found in commercial laundry detergents (yep, even unscented commercial detergent) can aggravate skin conditions such as acne keloidalis, which is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. It can lead to lesions, or sores, that appear on the nape of the neck and can turn into scars. If anyone knows, my husband and co-founder Augie knows exactly what this is about.  He suffered for years with the same skin condition.  Through the years, we found that yep, laundry detergent can irritate it, especially when wearing collared shirts.  Making the switch to a plant based laundry detergent has helped us a ton as well as taking a few minutes to spot treat the collar with Dinobi to remove dirt, blood (if shaving), and post-shave skin conditioners.  Doing so has helped his acne keloidalis virtually disappear (we still suggest making sure you make those doctor appointments 😉 when being treated for the condition and follow your physician’s instructions, but this has worked for us).  

Remember that annoying “ring around the neck” that just won’t go away? Dinobi is your answer to less irritation and a clean collar. Check out our how- to video here and witness the magic and relief of a clean collar! Keep an eye out on our social media platforms at IG, FB and TikTok on more how-to videos as well.  Don’t forget, your health is important - take care! 

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