Here's How You Wash that Faja!

Hey ya’ll,  did you know Dinobi is out here making an impact in more ways than one? We had no idea how impactful our detergent could be on someone’s healing.  Take a read below. 

Did you ever wonder how the smallest things could have such a huge impact on your comfort? Welp, we found that out quickly when talking to a friend.  Picture it - you are getting ready for summertime-Chi (IYKYK), and you take the leap to get some self care and have a surgical cosmetic procedure done.  You purchase your post-surgical compression garments and set up your home so that you can recover in comfort. Surgery goes well and you have to clean your compression garments before use, so you use your typical run of the mill detergent to wash. You put on those garments underneath your clothing and all is well until…your surgical scars begin to itch uncontrollably - but don’t you dare scratch!! The initial rationale is, well, maybe that regular big box detergent wasn’t rinsed out enough after washing. You try again and get the same results, then BOOM!  It hits you that it's the detergent causing the itching and discomfort! You remembered that you heard that Dinobi was a non toxic laundry detergent and figured it could help. In swoops in Dinobi to save the day! You place your order, get it in two days, rewash those post-surgical compression garments and the itching STOPS! Now you can recover in comfort in an eco-friendly, non-toxic way using one of the best eco friendly laundry detergents out there.  

When you are wearing something closely held the the skin, such as a compression garment or faja, you have to remember to wash with something that would be gentle on skin that has been surgically injured to reduce irritation. Remember, you have to wear it ALL DAY at the least. Compression garments also lose elasticity over time, and washing with harsh detergents can decrease the life of those expensive garments, which can run around $100 each.  Here’s our suggestion on how to wash those precious garments:  

1. Use one fl oz using the cup provided in a sink full of lukewarm water. 

2. Hand wash with Dinobi, using agitation according to garment instructions. 

3. Let the garment air dry. You may want to rotate between two garments as these must be washed often after surgery. We suggest you contact your post-op surgeon for any special directives. 

4. RELAX and enjoy Summer. Our non toxic, plant-based detergent has you covered! 

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