Explaining Dinobi Core Values: What Does It Really Mean to “Show Up”?

What are some of your core values? Are there perhaps some words or phrases that you put up on your wall as a self-reminder? What are some of the questions you ask yourself every day to stay in touch with your emotions? 

At Dinobi, we have always valued these four core values: engage, be efficient, show up, and be inspirational. We always make sure to repeat these core values before starting our team meetings. We feel the need to do this because sometimes we hear these words so often that we no longer take the time to pause and think about them. With so many things going on in life right now, sometimes we forget what these values really mean to us. One of the values that Dinobi wishes to reflect upon is “showing up”.

Showing up can mean showing up for yourself and showing up as yourself, and they are actually more connected to each other than you might think. 

Show up for yourself

We always talk about showing up for other people, but showing up for yourself is equally important. Dinobi means precious, and our thoughts, emotions, and well-being are extremely precious! Showing up for yourself means loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and really being the master of your thoughts, emotions, needs and desires. 

Treating yourself as you would treat a friend can help you better connect with your mind. We all set aside so much time to catch up with other people - but do we ever stop to catch up with ourselves? Ask yourself how you’ve been doing, what you’re thinking and what’s bothering you. We show up for ourselves so we can reflect and make better decisions. 

Show up as yourself

Showing up as yourself is equivalent to being authentic. Be authentic with expressing your opinions. Present a self that is really “present”, really engaging with what others are saying and providing your real thoughts, whether it’s in front of your family members, friends, or in the workplace.

Sometimes authenticity needs courage and confidence. In order to show up as oneself, we must first show up for ourselves. Compassion is the key in uniting these two processes. Be compassionate to yourself so you can forgive your flaws. We are usually the harshest to ourselves - forgetting what we’ve accomplished and holding on to the opportunities that we missed and the mistakes we made. Tell yourself that what you are feeling at this moment is valid. Self-compassion can give you the power to manifest your true self and to be authentic. 


We hope this Dinobi core value can inspire you to set some time aside today and catch up with yourself before Monday starts! Next week we will be sharing how the Dinobi team manages to stay inspirational - another precious Dinobi core value!

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