What's REALLY Green About It?

We talk alot about “green living”, making the switch to green/more natural products but do we really know what “green” detergent really is? How can you tell if your detergent is actually “green”? 

Many big box brands and small alike are making the switch, albeit slowly, to plant based or bio-based detergents.  Many have labels that say “natural”, bio-based, etc, but does that mean 100%? 50%? How much exactly? Well, we have to read those labels carefully.  If ingredients are listed, anything plant based will not include things such as: phosphates, sulfates, micelles or chemical fragrances and or colors. Thankfully, Dinobi contains absolutely none of those.

If you are unsure, you can always check out the EPAs Safer Chemical Ingredients list here. And yep, Dinobi Detergent is in the GREEN! Check out our line of truly green detergents, 100% plant based, here and make the switch if you haven’t already. 

Stay precious!!! 

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