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Today is a good day to give back.

“Sometimes people think they have to do big things in order to make a change. But if each one would light a candle, we'd have a tremendous light” 

         -Sister Thea Bowman

How it all started...

Dinobi's mantra - Find a need and fill it!  Our Co-founder, Augie, has been a committed educator for the past 20 years, working in high needs schools because he saw himself in the students.   Sylvia also saw that schools no longer teach basic home economics, where most kids used to learn how to do laundry and take care of home. Many high needs students are forced to take care of themselves, including making sure they are clean and dressed for school, which doesn't always happen. Hey, kids forget sometimes or just don't know how yet! Therefore school admins and teachers are typically forced to take on the responsibility of doing laundry at school. In Chicago alone, 78% of public school students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, which means their parents don't make more than 15K per year, and that's with only one child. Dinobi saw the need and decided to create the DBI education program.  We started by partnering with Dulles Elementary in Chicago to try to invoke change.  Dinobi not only partners to give detergent. We provide entrepreneurship programs, teach children about the skin they're in and how to recognize issues, as well as how to take care of the planet. And yep - how to do laundry! 


Buy one, GIVE one

Dinobi is on a mission to not only spread the word about our plant based goodness, but to GIVE.  Everyone should have access to high quality, good for you products. This is where we all come in...


How it works

For each single bottle you purchase, Dinobi will give one to select schools in Chicago, IL. 

How you can help

Many hands make light work! Help us meet and EXCEED our goal of 1000 bottles by June 30 by making a purchase.  You take care of your shipping on a single bottle, we take care of theirs! **Does not apply to sets of two or four**

Check our progress! 

Check back each month from now until June 30 to see how far we've gotten together! Don't forget to come back and visit to get more updates on DBI Education! 

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