What EXACTLY Does Self Care Mean?

We have self care Saturdays, self care holidays; you are expected to do something for yourself for your birthday for self care, and even throw in some self care time to get away from the kids or the job every now and then.  Admittedly, I have had hard time understanding what EXACTLY is this thing called self care. So, I did some digging. 

Self care means a lot of things to different people. To some, it means a quick getaway to a secluded island. To others it means buying something for themselves, or hitting the spa for a good massage.  I thought I was taking care of myself until a good friend asked me one simple question - "when's the last time you had a physical?"  At that point my jaw dropped because I honestly couldn't remember (I know, I've got some work to do). 

I find that during our busy lives we often think of the less practical things for self care. It's usually the things that bring us a sense of euphoria so that we can get away from our individual realities that are filled with lots of responsibility.  However, I also find that we forget the practical things like...physicals. :-/ This led me to my next question - can practical things be included in this phenomenon we call self care? Absolutely!! 

That facial, those candles, that massage - those things are all part of self care, hands down, but I find that when we forget about those things like doing our laundry and taking care of home, we neglect a major need for organization and peace. For instance, when we get behind on cleaning or the laundry, it makes for a more difficult and unorganized week (and the occasional undies shortage - yikes!). Feeling unorganized causes us stress and the need for an escape of some sort. To keep this at a minimum, we do our laundry mid week and over the weekend. That way we always have fresh clothes and one less thing to worry about.  

What do you do for self care? Feel free to leave us a comment or leave a message on our FB or IG. Have a great week and remember that you are dinobi, you are precious! 


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