Summer 2020 is NOT cancelled - try inviting summer indoors!

I don’t know about you, but summer is definitely my favorite season! This summer, we might all feel a little bit disappointed as we can no longer go chill on the beach, picnic with our friends, or have fun at concerts. However, there are still ways to enjoy the summer vibe! Instead of going outside, why not invite summer inside with you?

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1. Colors make a difference!

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Adding some bright colors in your home can really bring forth the summer mood! What are the colors that remind you of summer? Yellow and blue are nice summer colors, and so are pink and green! You can put as many colors as you want at your place, whether it’s adding some pretty fruits like lemons or oranges in your kitchen, or putting out bright-colored cushions on your couch and buying a new fresh-colored carpet. 

In addition to adding more colors to your house, add more colors to your closet! I, for one, absolutely adore collecting bright-colored earrings and just wearing them makes me feel like summer! Wearing pink tank-tops or lemon T-shirts is also a good way to get into the summer mood :)

2. Create your own green space!

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Adding plants in your indoor space is a great way to create your own summer. Find a spot with lots of sunlight, and create your own green space! Whether it’s a small herbal garden or a floral garden, a touch of green can make your day so much brighter. Here are some plants that are easy to keep: Chinese Evergreen, Asparagus Fern, Fiddle-leaf Fig, Yucca, Peperomia, etc. Look up your favorite plants and how to keep them, and the rest is just some sun and some watering!

Or if you are lazy like me, succulents are a good choice to add a tint of green to bring about summer. Succulents are popular for a reason - they are beautiful and low-maintenance! You can keep them in pretty glass containers and add colorful pebbles to customize its look!

3. Keep your clothes FRESH!

Summer ideas for your clothes

Summer doesn’t have to be sweaty and miserable! Laundry becomes essentially important in summer, and choosing the right detergent is a top priority. You’ll want to find a product that cleans effectively and leaves a fresh scent! Did you know that one of Dinobi’s only four ingredients is lavender essential oil? It works to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation when placed on clothes to go into your skin, while giving off a nice scent. Having fresh clothes on you is like feeling the summer breeze. It lightens up your mood and gets you ready for summer!

4. Get as much sun as possible!

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Being indoors does not stop you from getting enough sun! Having enough exposure to sunlight can guarantee a nice summer mood every day. If you have a large window where the sun can peek through, why not move your armchair over so you can read under natural light? 

5. Play some summer tunes!

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Music can help you get into the mood for summer! Sometimes I find it hard to believe as well, but music definitely has a strange control over my mood. Just playing some summer music seems to invite all the splendors of the season into my tiny room. I shall say no more - why don’t you listen to the beats of the heat? Here’s a Spotify playlist of the 100 Greatest Summer Songs:


What are your favorite summer things? Feel free to comment below with your favorite summer tunes and go-to summer activities!

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